8th & 9th
Patient centricity
in clinical research:
Hype or reality?


Welcome to Brussels !


The development of new therapies and treatments has evolved quickly over the last few years. Clinical trial requirements are more complex and demanding, not only for the industry developing the new medications, but also for patients participating in the clinical trials.

The aim of medical therapies is to improve the health and well-being of patients. Drug developers should listen to patient needs and requirements from early on in the design of a clinical trial protocol.

ACRP, BeCRO and BRAS, three organisations respectively involved in Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs would like to invite you… 2 day conference on Patient Centricity in Clinical Research. The aim of the conference is to provide you with the latest insights and views of various stakeholders involved in the drug development process. This will enable you to contribute to determining the extent of patient needs in the clinical trial setting and to ensure that those needs are taken into consideration during the development of new therapies.